Staples processing Consulting

Concept to commissioning solutions for rice mill, flour mill, spice plant, besan plant

We specialize in two categories of consulting services for staples processing plants. The first is project consulting where we undertake new or green field projects and offer concept to commissioning consulting services for all kinds of staples processing. Our services include project positioning, plant layout and detailed engineering drawing, vendor and equipment selection, installation and commissioning. The second is post project implementation services where we offer services such as manpower training, new product development and plant upgradation among others services. Our services include all types of staples processing plants such-

  • Flour mill consultants
  • Chakki atta plant consultants
  • Rice mill consultants
  • Semolina (Sooji) plant consultants
  • Pulses processing plant consultants
  • Gram flour (Besan) plant consultants
  • Maize plant consultants
  • Spice processing plant consultants

Project Consulting

Staples processing consulting - Rice mill consultants, Flour mill consultants, Spice plant consultants

Project positioning

Evaluating the ideal location and product mix for you plant

Plant layout and detailed drawings

Preparing optimal layout for the plant with detailed engineering drawings

Equipment and vendor selection

Selection of the equipment and vendors maintaining a balance between cost and quality

Installation and Commissioning

Overseeing the installation and commissioning of the plant

Quality assurance

Setting up procedures and laboratory to assure quality product at the plant

We provide tailored turnkey solutions to the staples processing industry. Our services include finalizing quality parameters of the raw material with a view to meet final product specifications, establishing quality control protocols, preparing record keeping templates for monitoring all stages of the grain processing to ensure that the we consistently produce the desired finished goods. Our scope includes the following-

  •  Identifying the ideal positioning for your project and products and advising on the optimum land requirement
  • Layout preparation and elevation plan with detailed engineering drawings
  •  Designing refraction grinding & mixing system
  • Working with the architect for meeting technical requirements of the processing unit building
  • Assessment of the grain and product storage with solutions such as silos, warehouses or a combination of both
  • Guidance in selection, purchase and negotiation of the machinery for conformance to the designed quality
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning of the plant
  • Quality control and laboratory setup
  • Assessment and execution of industrial automation to optimize plant operations

post project implementation


Facilitating hiring and on-boarding of well trained operators and millers who will ensure smooth operations at the plant


Training your manpower to better operate the available equipment and increase productivity

New product development

Strategizing and executing the road map for new product development at existing or new facility


Assessing and executing the upgradation, renovation and automation of the existing plant

One your plant has been commissioned, we help ensure that your processing units are in an optimum state of readiness for production with our team of trained specialist technicians. We also offer our services to existing plants owners who would to better optimize their operations and have higher levels of efficiency. Our scope includes the following-

  • Providing skilled technicians and operators for running the plants
  • Training operators to ensure smooth operations of the plant
  • Trouble shooting technical issues in processes or with the plants
  • Guidance in new product development
  • Planning and executing expansion of an existing plant
  • Assessment and execution of the upgradation and renovation of the existing processing unit
  • Assessment, planning and execution of automation of the existing unit

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